Tell the Dairy Industry to Protect Cows From Sickening Abuse
Dear Lactalis:

I just watched hidden-camera footage of horrific animal abuse at one of your supplier farms. What I saw made me sick to my stomach: cows viciously beaten with canes and slammed with metal gates, injured animals left to suffer without proper veterinary care, animals maliciously shocked with electric prods, and workers violently twisting the tails of cows to deliberately inflict pain.

This must be stopped. No socially responsible company should support dairy farms that criminally abuse animals.

It's time for Lactalis to adopt meaningful animal welfare policies for all of its dairy suppliers, including the following:
  • Implementing a zero tolerance policy for animal abuse
  • Prohibiting painful and unnecessary mutilations of animals, such as tail docking and disbudding
  • Providing proper care and transportation for sick, injured, and downed animals
  • Installing video monitoring systems that live stream to the internet to help deter abuse
  • Requiring a clean and sanitary environment for cattle
  • Initiating third-party audits to ensure compliance
In recent years, Nestlé, Leprino Foods, Saputo, and Great Lakes Cheese, four of the largest dairy companies in North America, have announced industry-leading animal welfare policy reforms. It’s time Lactalis did the same.

[Your Name]

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